Sunspots 2, 9"x12" monotype

Comfort Zone 1, 20"x32" monotype

Stella, 8"x10" mixed media

Resolution #2, 7"x7" etching

Poor Boys, 6"x8" etching

Everything Inbetween, 16"x20"

Rolf, 8"x10" mixed media

As Good as it Gets, 16"x16"

What Grows, 16"x20" mixed media

Pierre, 8"x10" mixed media

Sauvage, 9"x12" etching

Brooklyn Girls, 9"x12" monotype

One Day Sale, 12"x 12" monotype

Comfort Zone 2, 20"x16" monotype





My work draws on a fascination with technique and experimentation, is generally mixed media, and uses a variety of approaches such as printmaking (drypoint etching, collagraph, pochoir) along with painting media (water color and/or gouache).

I am drawn to intricate processes, along with a desire to achieve richly layered works of art. I am compelled both by the forces of chaos and order, and finding the tension where these forces meet, collide, or create beautiful semblance or dissonance together. Color is also chiefly important to me, in achieving sometimes harmony, sometimes discord, and at other times communicating an emotional tone. My subject matter is mostly divided between abstract/non-objective, and abstracted or imagined portraits.

I am a former New Yorker, currently living Oakland, California. I studied both Fine Arts and Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where I lived for 15 years. After I received a BFA in 1994, I went on to pursue careers both graphic design and in fine arts, which I happily continue today. I have lived in the Bay Area since 2008.


Sunspots 2, 9"x12" monotype